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Proper belt sizing is crucial, belts are custom made to order and cannot be returned or exchanged!


Your pant size is not your belt size! If you order your pant size, your belt will be too small.


The best way to get your belt size is to measure a current belt from the end of the leather where it folds around the buckle to the most commonly used hole, as shown in the image above. This measurement will determine where I place the center of 5 holes, spaced one inch apart, on your new belt.

Typically it'll measure around 3" larger than your jeans size, but that doesn't mean you should just look at your tag, add three, and place an order.  There are a few other factors to consider:

Thicker leather fits tighter, so if you’re going from a thin department store belt to a much thicker belt, you may want to add an additional inch to your measurement to account for this.

The rise of your jeans can throw things off.  If you wear your jeans particularly high, you may want a smaller belt relative to the tag size on your jeans. If you wear your jeans particularly low, you may want a larger belt, relative to the tag size on your jeans. It’s always best to measure when possible.

Vanity sizing can be really wacky. A pair of "size 34" pants from two different brands could differ by 5 inches or more in actual waistband size. Different brands measure and market very differently, so don't trust the tag. Measure.

Older belts will curve and wrinkle, so do your best to lay it out flat and measure the full length.

Some belt leathers will be very stiff when new, which will make them feel tighter.  As they soften up they will contour your body more closely and loosen up. While this isn't technically stretching, it does effect the fit. If your bridle or veg tan belt is snug at first, it may fit looser after a week or so of use.

Chromexcel is somewhat elastic compared to vegetable tanned leathers, however, I pre-stretch my chromexcel belt straps before sizing. Sometimes the leather will spring back to its original, shorter length during shipping and arrive snug. If your chromexcel belt arrives an inch or so shorter than you ordered it, don't fret! It'll stretch out after a few wears. I know that this can be confusing, but it's the best way to get a good fit in the long term. I don't recommend ordering a smaller chromexcel belt to compensate for stretch.

It takes a bit of care and patience, but this sizing method has a very high success rate. If you have any questions please get in touch before ordering.

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