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Wayward Sister Keychain

Wayward Sister Keychain

All out of beads! I always knew that the supply would dry up sooner or later. I'm searching for a good replacement, but for now the beads shown in the images will not be included with these. Sorry!


The Wayward Sister Keychain is my second collaboration with Cat Bates.


The design is based off of Cat's Sister Clasp hardware that we've adapted for keychain use. It has no moving parts to break, and operates simply by aligning the notches in each piece so that they pass through one another and lock in place.


If you've ever played with a simple blacksmith's puzzle, you'll have some idea of how it feels to use the hardware. There's a bit of a learning curve, but within a few days you'll be doing it one handed, on or off. It's satisfying to play with, and very secure.


It's a unique and distinctive piece that's fun, simple, and durable. I use mine every day.


The clasp is solid brass, cast in the US from Cat's hand-fabricated original, fitted with the same English and American leathers that I use for belts, with waxed and burnished edges, and finished with a Japanese brass stud closure and split ring.


Shell cordovan versions are usually available. These will be double-layered and stitched to a veg tan backing to support the shell. Color selections will vary, so please contact me before ordering.

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