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Bindle Bag

Bindle Bag

This is the third (or maybe fourth?) iteration of the Bindle Bag, an ongoing collaboration with my friend Russell. Each batch has been a little different, details added, refinements made, fabrics changed.


This newest version is made from a 16oz beeswaxed cotton duck/canvas fabric from Scotland. It has a natural Horween Chromexcel strap, heavy hemp rope drawstring, solid brass hardware all around, and hand-set rivets. The inner seams are finished with OD green cotton webbing. There are leather washers under the rivets and snaps, and a stitched triangle reinforcement at the drawstring exit, a detail cribbed from Greenebaum jeans from the 1870s (thank you to Mike Harris for the photo).


This bag benefits lessons learned through several years of use and rounds of refinement. The materials and construction are honed in, I'm proud of these.


The medium/small size of the bag is right for a book/journal, headphones, spare shirt, water and snack, that kind of thing. The right size when a backpack is too much and pockets aren't enough.


I couldnt' decide between the square and oval buckles so I made a few of each, and there's one without the outer pocket that costs a little less.



  • Details

    16oz beeswaxed cotton duck/canvas fabric

    solid brass rivets, buckle, snap

    horween natural chromexcel strap and reinforcements

    natural hemp rope drawstring

    cotton webbing piping on interior seams

    ~12"x16" squashed flat.

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