Items will generally ship within 2-3 days of ordering, with the exception of belts which sometimes take up to 7 days, since they are made to order.

Shipping inside the US uses USPS First Class for pins and patches, which costs $3 and takes around a week. Everything larger ships in the US via USPS Priority which costs $6.75 and takes 2-3 days.

International shipping for pins and patches uses USPS First Class International for $13.50.  Almost everything else ships via USPS Priority Flat Rate for $32. The USPS recently raised rates which hit International particularly hard. Sorry about that, it's beyond my control.

Priority International comes with a customs number and delivery confirmation, which is, unfortunately, not point-to-point tracking. The number you get will sometimes "go dead" while the package works its way through customs. That's normal, don't worry.  Typically takes 10-14 days if it passes through Customs quickly. If your country's Customs agency holds the package for any reason, it can take much longer, up to 6 weeks in my experience.  That isn't very common.

Large or expensive international orders may require USPS Express service for $45+.  If you spend over $200 or so with a shipping address outside of the US, I will likely ask you to pay for Express.  It'll arrive faster and have proper tracking, typically takes around 5 days.

If your country is not listed in the shipping options, it is because you live somewhere that I don't normally receive orders from, OR somewhere with a bad postal system that loses a lot of packages (notably China and Russia). I might be willing to ship to you using USPS Express for $45+, contact me to inquire.

If you'd like to purchase insurance or any additional services, contact me before placing an order.


Belts and other made-to-order items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Sale items, discounted items or one-off products cannot be returned or exchanged.

Other items can be returned in like-new condition within 7 days. Use the contact form to request return shipping information. If you send a return without getting in touch first, you may get a reduced refund or no refund.


How did you learn this stuff?

Mainly by making a lot of mistakes, and then trying again. It's been a fun process with a lot of ugly results along the way. If you're looking to learn, I suggest checking YouTube. I would have saved a lot of money and sweat if these resources had been available when I started!

Where do you get your leather and hardware?

My leather comes from tanneries in the US, England, Japan, and occasionally Italy. My hardware is made in Japan or the US. I do my best to avoid buying anything made in countries with dubious labor and environmental standards (in my personal life as well).

Is this stuff really hand stitched?  Is it hand cut?

Everything is hand stitched. I don't have any idea how to use a sewing machine. The only exceptions are the cloth Bindle bags and suspender straps, which are expertly machine sewn by Russell at Circle A Brand. I'd love to learn to use a machine someday, but would likely only use it for large projects like bags. I like hand stitching.

I cut almost everything by hand. I have a manually operated clicker press with an 8"x10" cutting surface, but due to the limitations of die-making, I only use it for projects that it is well-suited for. Most projects' quality will be diminished by die cutting, but some will be improved by the consistency. Some would just be impossible to sell at a reasonable price if I was taking the time to cut them by hand, so I use dies for those. Coasters are a prime example. Nothing would be gained by cutting them by hand, and a great deal would be lost. The cost would probably quadruple, or more likely I just wouldn't make them.

Is Hollows Leather really just a one-man operation?

Yes. I occasionally recruit a friend for a day to help out with particularly large orders, and I get help with some of the more complex web and graphic stuff, but I don't have any employees/interns/assistants. I do all of the photography, design, emails, shipping, ordering, social media crap, opining, and unfortunately most of the modeling.

Why don't you hire some help? (Why is the thing I want always sold out?)

There are a lot of reasons. One is that I am very particular (a control freak?), and don't feel comfortable putting my name to someone else's work. Another is that I don't think of myself as a particularly good teacher, and I'm uneasy about the prospect of training someone. But mainly I want to be a maker, not a manager. I don't want to have a boss or be a boss, and my daily routines are too weird to inflict upon another human. 

For now I'm happy being able to fine-tune every decision independently, stay small, and do things my way.

Can I pre-pay to reserve an item?

Sorry, no. Pre-ordering is a pain in the ass to keep track of, and it also doesn't offer a fair chance to other people who may be waiting for the same product. If you're signed up for my newsletter or following on Instagram, you'll find out about new stock at the same time as everyone else.

Do you do wholesale?

A little. Many of my products would be prohibitively expensive if I sold them with retail markups in mind. I'm more interested in doing collaborative projects, but I do make some of the smaller items (belts, trays, coasters, bracelets, some keychains, etc.) for retailers. If you are interested in stocking these items, feel free to contact me.

I do not do private label work; I am not a factory.

Who are your stockists?

I make things for Wilson & WIlly's,  AB Fits, and Cool Material. I collaborate with Cat Bates.