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Rook Playing Card Deck & Case

Rook Playing Card Deck & Case

The Rook is a collaboration with Corina and Jocelyn at Abacus Corvus.


Early in the year of lockdown, I spent some rare, easeful moments playing cards and dice with my housemates. One of them introduced us to the Portable Fortitude deck, and the leather case I made for the cards became one of my only satisfying creative endeavors of the whole year. I was delighted to find that Corina and Jocelyn were open to offering the deck and case as a set. To me they really belong together.


Portable Fortitude is a 54 card deck with standard playing card markings as well a lovely illustration on each card, intended to ward off a variety of perils, large and small. They're SO charming, and have countless uses beyond the usual card games.


If you'd like to purchase the deck without the leather case, you can find it here!


Expect a snug fit at first, which will relax over time.

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