My name is Nicholas.

Hollows Leather was informally born in 2008 when I inherited a box of tools and scrap leather, and began making ugly (but functional) wallets for myself and friends. Over time and through trial and error, I found that people were willing to support my work, and that support has enabled a hobby to grow into something larger and more complex.

For me, the pursuit of craft is a battle of ideas. Perfection, personal growth, pride, meaning, history, utility, politics, honesty (and all of their opposites) are at play. There is adequacy versus potential, and efficiency versus fidelity. That may sound grandiose, but it is actually coarse, quixotic, often arduous, and above all gratifying work.  All I really do is try to make things the best way I can: practical, durable, and sometimes beautiful.

I focus my work on mundane objects because we are surrounded by them, and too many of them were brought into the world carelessly. I hope to exchange some of the background items in your daily life with something that has a spark of meaning. Ordinary, but imbued. A story illustrated by me, but authored by you.

William Gibson says we live in a world of ideas forged into artifacts.

John Baldessari says that you must be possessed, which you cannot will.

Richard Sachs says that imperfection is perfection.

And if anyone was listening, I would say that any pursuit can be a meaningful one, as long as you care enough.

But it's also just a wallet.