My name is Nicholas.

I've been making leather goods since 2008. I found a box of old tools and scrap leather in the garage, and since I needed to replace my nasty old duct tape wallet, I tried my hand at making a leather one. It was an ugly piece of work, but it was functional. I made some wallets for friends, eventually posted them online, and then people asked me to make more.

With gratitude to my supporters, I have been making leather goods almost every day since.

Over time the work has grown in unexpected directions. I think that above all I am a curious being. I now use leather craft as a framework to explore ideas. It's a convenient medium for the real project of wondering.

What is beauty, and how much of our experience of beauty is subjective? What is 'meaningful' work? Can I create work that reflects my values? Is it possible to imbue ideas into an object like a belt or wallet? How? What are the traits that separate an object from an artifact?

In practical terms, I like to focus my work on mundane objects because we are surrounded by them, and too many of them were brought into the world carelessly. The modern world is baffling, and I endeavor to offer an alternative to the relentless, inconsiderate production and consumption taking place all around us; to make a shift away from objects and towards artifacts. It's a task that I take seriously, even though I never expect to succeed, and I'm constantly revisiting how to best approach it. What are the many aspects that comprise 'quality'?

In the end I just make things, but there are answers to be found in the process, so I am doing my best to listen.